Hydroflex dealer of Scandinavia

News 8th mar 2016

Proud to become a Hydroflex agent, Hollywood standard of underwater houses.

A familiar system for reliable high-end productions. Flexible to fit most types of cameras (Arri, RED, Phantom, Sony etc.) incl. surface monitor, power, ethernet, focus system and communication. With our in-house specialised uw camera operator, Kjetil C. Astrup, we’re sure this rig will be more underwater than over water!

The new RAC Mk5, developed by Pete Romano, an Oscar rewarded piece of equipment. A complete studio experience underwater with 30 m cable to surface, onboard batteries for hot-swapping the block batteries on surface. Custom built wiring for Preston and Arri focus systems and internal moist/water alarms. Deciding between flat and dome port, depending on lens and if needed split shots. We also stock the Hydroflex underwater speaker so director and DOP can talk to both operator, gaffer, talents and safety diver underwater.

Pictures from the feature film «Cave» by Filmbros. Shot in the cenotes and caves of Mexico with Arri Amira and Zeiss optics.

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1 week rental equals 4 paying days.
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Camera & Sound
Thorvald Meyers gate 7
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Light & Grip
Wedel Jarlsbergsvei 36
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Thomas B.D. Lund
Thomas B.D. Lund
Rental Manager Light & Grip | Chief Lighting Tecnician
+47 47 97 10 11
Kjetil C. Astrup
Kjetil C. Astrup
Rental Manager Camera | UW Cinematographer
+47 47 97 10 12
Eirik Halsen
Eirik Halsen
Rental Manager Sound | Sound Recordist
+47 99 10 95 66