Gisle Tveito receives the Aamot prize

News 23rd aug 2015

The Aamot statuette is a Norwegian award, handed out by the organization Film & Kino for outstanding efforts in/for Norwegian film production.

We proudly congratulate our dear college Gisle Tveito with Film & Kino`s honor Aamot Statuetten 2015. This is so cool, Gisle :) You`re the very best! – CEO Arild Karlsen

The jurys feedback:

«As a sound designer Gisle Tveito has been making Golden Globe-nominated movies and participated in both Berlin and Cannes competition program. Nevertheless, he is far more familiar and admired in our industry than profiled in media. He works within a subject whose nuances and subtleties do not invite too much fuss. He is a devious and patient person, careless for attention, with a far more professional than ostentatious engagement. And he has great artistic integrity, but are mainly using that skill to highlight the collective forces behind a finished result.

Tveito has used integrity, musicality and playfulness to make music out of fire extinguishers and existential sinister out of electric toothbrushes. To help us experience how the world is perceived when everything is black (Blind), and how it may sound when a troll stomps a few centimeters beside you (Trollhunter).

Tveito is behind the sound design on perhaps the most virtuosic, yet low-key sound stages in Norwegian film. Where the background noise at a café slides in and out of audible focus and therefore lets us take part in the fragmented fortunes of the guests. To catch the impressive subjective, yet often almost documentary soundscape in this movie, it’s rumored that the award winner undertook a homemade headphone assembly where the microphones were positioned where our ears are, and walked around the city, apparently undaunted by staring passersby.»


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